Devdariani Fleur

Born: 1944, Kutaisi 
Art Historian, Chief Researcher of the Centre, PhD

Research field: History of the medieval Georgian mural painting and book illumination 

Activity: Lectures on the History of World Art at Tbilisi Academy of  Arts, Faculty of Restoration, Art History and Theory 

Address: 80, Barnov str., 0179 Tbilisi.

  1. Collections of Georgian Illuminated Liturgical Texts – Gulans, the II International Symposium dedicated to Georgian Art, Tbilisi, 1977;
  2. Master Saba’s Illuminations in Anchiskhati Gulani, “Matsne”, N4, 1978;
  3. Anchiskhati Gulani – 12th c Illuminated Codex (The Issue of Relation of Monuments of Monumental Painting), the IV International Symposium dedicated to Georgian Art, Tbilisi, 1983;
  4. Miniatures of Anchiskhati Gulani, Tbilisi, 1990;
  5. Description of Georgian Historical and Cultural Monuments, vol. V, vol. II, Tbilisi, 1990, 2004 (Articles about the Monuments of Mural Painting);
  6. Micro fishes “Georgian Architecture”, vol. I-VII, Leaden, 1994-2007 (Articles about Church Wall Painting);
  7. Murals of Forty Martyr Church of Nokalakevi in Nokalakevi Archeopolis, III, 1993 (together with I. Mamaiashvili);
  8. The 17th c Wall Painting of Gelati Mother of God Temple (Saviour Passion Cycle), collected scientific works of Tbilisi State University, II, 2001;
  9. Georgian Illuminated Liturgical Collections of the 17th Century Gulani, ΛΑΜΠΤΗΩΝ, 2, National Technical University, Faculty of Architecture Department of History of Art, Athens, 2003;
  10. Ishkhani, Tbilisi, 2010.