Gomelauri Nino

Art Historian, Chief Researcher of the Centre, Ph.D.

Research field: History of the Pre-Christian art 

Activity: Board Member of the Tbilisi Archaeological Society

  1. Bronze Samples of Minor Plastic Art in the Epoch of Late Bronze of Early Iron Found on the Territory of Eastern Georgia, the IV International Symposium dedicated to Georgian Art, Tbilisi, 1983;
  2. The Issue of the Genesis of Minor Plastic Art of the Central Transcaucasia in the 14-13th cc B.C., the VI International Symposium dedicated to Georgian Art, Tbilisi, 1989;
  3. Annotations for the Georgian Archaeological Exhibition in Germany, Unterwegs zum Goldenen Vlies, Saarbrucken, 1995;
  4. Bronze Plastic Art of Treli N16 Burial Place, materials of the scientific conference dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Tbilisi State University, Tbilisi, 1999;
  5. Metal Standards from Eurasia (III-I millennium B. C.), materials of the first scientific session dedicated to Georgian Art of the Pre-Christian Epoch, Tbilisi, 1999.