Kuprashvili Nana

Art Historian, PH.D. 

Research field: Technique and technology of mural painting. 

Activity:1989-2006      Researcher of the G. Chubinashvili Institute of History of Georgian Art, 1998-present   Director of  E. Privalova “Betania” Centre for Scientific Research of Painting.  2004-present   Dean, Tbilisi Academy of Fine Arts,  Faculty of Restoration,  Art History and Theory.  Member of  ICOMOS International – representative of the Georgian National Committee 

  1. The Gospel of Berta, “Literatura da Khelovneba:, N3-4, 1992;
  2. Some Technological Issues of Georgian Monumental Painting, “Dzeglis Megobari”, N1, 1993;
  3. One Technological Method of Composition Constructing in the 16th c Georgian Wall Painting, Department of Protection of Monuments, “Tselitsdeuli”, II, 1996;
  4. Determination of the Treatment and Restoration Needs of Medieval Frescoes in Georgia, ICOM Committee for Conservation, vol. II, 2002 (co-author);
  5. Some Technical Peculiarities of the Medieval Georgian Monumental Painting, Academia, 6-7, 2006.