Mirtskhulava Nana

(1950,Tbilisi – 2022, Tbilisi)
Art Historian. Senior Resercher at the George Chubinashvili  National Research Centre for Georgian Art History and Heritage Preservation.
Phd.Reserch field: Contemporary Georgian Art(painting and sculpture).

Selected works: 1.Some pecularitys of the early 20th century Georgian Painting, Tb., 1998;
2.Some aspects of “Art Geco” style (Studies on GeorgianArt IV, Tb. 2005); 3.Facad reliefs, “Georgian Antiquities”, N16, 2013; 4.Ketevan Magalashvili-120, Bilingual (Georgian-English) Book(author), Tb., 2015; 5.Aleksander Shervashidze – 150, Bilingual (Georgian-English) book(author), Tb., 2018.

  1. Self-portrait  in the XXcentury Georgian art.Sixth  international Symposium on Georgian art, Tb.,1989;
  2. “Le Prince A.Chervachidze”, “Georgian Antiquities”, N13, Tb.,2009;
  3. Monumental sculpture, “Art and Literature” ,N11, Tb.,2009;
  4. 19th century magazines about Georgian artists, “Art and Literature”, N9, 2009;
  5. Georgian artists formulated in the environment of folk art, (Late XIXcentury Portrait), “Art and Literature”, N7, Tb.,2010;
  6. Soc.realizm in Georgian Art “Intellectual”, N17, Tb.,2011;
  7. Plastic décor of “Imeli”-s main facade, “Intellectual” N21, Tb.,2012.