Alibegashvili Gaiane

(1922, vill. Stepantsminda – 1997, Tbilisi) 

Art Historian, Prof. Dr. (1975; 1976), Honoured Scientist of Georgia (1987). In 1944 she graduated from the Tbilisi State University, Faculty of Languages and Literature and in 1948 she finished her post-graduate studies at the Institute of History of Georgian Art. She started to work at the same Institute in 1949 and since 1985 was the Head of the Medieval Fine Arts Department. Since 1968 she lectured at the Tbilisi Academy of Arts. 

G. Alibegashvili studied medieval Georgian mural and icon painting, book illumination, medieval Georgian sculpture and contemporary Georgian fine arts. Of utmost significance are her monographs on the medieval Georgian secular portraiture, book illumination, painting school of Svaneti, Georgian scenography. She participated in the international symposia on Georgian art and symposia on relations of the Georgian and Byzantine art, in international congresses of Byzantinists. 

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