Georgian Professional Decorative-Applied Art of the XX Century

Author: Nana Kiknadze

The book was prepared for publishing by Sopio Chitorelidze

Editorial group:
Dimitri Tumanishvili
Tamar Belashvili

Tbilisi 2020


The book of an artist-ceramist Nana Kiknadze (1928-2016) “The 20th Century Georgian Professional Decorative-Applied Art” describes processes taking place in the sphere of Georgian decorative-applied art beginning from the 1950s of the previous century up to the 10s of the 21st century. In the book there are separately studied such fields of decorative-applied art as artistic ceramics, Georgian textile art, artistic glass, enamel, chasing and artistic wood work.
The book has been made ready for publishing in The George Chubinashvili National Research Centre for Georgian Art History and Heritage Preservation – a group of scientists has been formed, illustration material has been chosen, facts and dates have been defined more exactly and rechecked.
The book has been published with the financial support of The Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of Georgia.