OLKAS: From the Aegean to the Black Sea

    In 2012 the Chibinashvili Centre launched implementation of the international project “OLKAS: From the Aegean to the Black Sea” – Medieval Ports in the Maritime Routs of the EastThe Leading organization: EuropeanCenter for Byzantine and post-byzantine monuments (EKBMM),Thessaloniki, Greece. The partners of the project: Ukraine, Turkey,Bulgaria, Romania, Georgia. The project’s activity will focus on the documentation and promotion of the network of Black Sea ports, created within the Byzantine era and reflecting the frequent movements and interaction of peoples of widely differing cultural traditions. Specifically, the project will concentrate on a network of important monuments which served, or still serve, as ports –historical sites of great importance and enduring value, which also still constitute cultural and touristic landmarks. Objectives:The overall objective of the project is to create a viable mechanism for inter-state cooperation in the documentation, promotion and exploitation of the medieval ports as common specific products of cultural tourism in Black Sea.The dissemination of Know-how and experience and promotion of good practices, by training the competent agencies in each country in aspects of cultural tourism management and the use of new technologies in the service of culture.

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