Sustainable Development of Old Tbilisi: Challenges and Opportunities

On the basis of the legalized memorandum of mutual understanding between the ministries of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia and Environmental Protection of Norway the National Agency of Cultural Heritage Protection of Georgia and the Directorate of Cultural Heritage of Norway – Riksantekvaren, on June 16, 2011 organized an international seminar on the theme: “Sustainable Development of Old Tbilisi: Challenges and Opportunities”.

The aim of the seminar was to discuss the issues of development of historic regions of old Tbilisi taking into consideration Norwegian experience in the sphere of cultural heritage.

Director of the Chubinashvili Centre Mariam Didebulidze took part in the work of the seminar making a speech “New Life of Old Tbilisi,” where she considered the activity of Tbilisi City Administration in the sphere of old Tbilisi urban heritage protection.