Vakhtang Muskhelishvili’s personal exhibition

Vakhtang Muskhelishvili’s personal exhibition. /September, 7-20/

A painter and a graphic artist Vakhtang Muskhelishvili graduated from Tbilisi State Academy of Art in 1984. Later, for a short time he was a teacher at Art School for children. In the 90s he left Georgia and moved to the United States. That is why it is difficult to connect him to the generation of Georgian artists of the 80s. He still lives in Seattle, State Washington and leads active creative and pedagogical activity. Also, he permanently organizes his personal exhibitions. The artist visits Georgia periodically. In 2013 besides several personal exhibitions, the artist held masterclasses at Tbilisi State Academy of Art. To exhibit the works of such an artist in the exhibition hall of the Centre was very interesting not only from purely professional point of view, but also for popularization of the works  of a Georgian artist living abroad. During the exhibition a seminar-debate with the artist was held.