Oakley Marianna

Art Historian, Chief Researcher at the Centre, Ph.D. 

Research interests:  History and development of scenography in Georgia and worldwide; history of the contemporary Georgian art (painting, sculpture, applied arts). 

Address: 26, Mosashvili str., app. 13, Tbilisi.


  1. An Issue of Synthesis at the Musical Theatre accord to the Sample of the works of a Scenographer S. Virsaladze, VI International Symposium dedicated to Georgian art, Tbilisi, 1989;
  2. Golden Age (a St. Petersburg in the Works of a Scenographer T. Murvanidze), “Sabchota Khelovneba”, N7, Tbilisi, 1989;
  3. A Painter David Sulakauri, “Literatura da Khelovneba”, N4, 1991;
  4. A Theatre Artist S. Virsaladze – Creative Work of the 1970-1980s (the Unity of Different Spheres of Art in Ballet), a thesis work, Tbilisi, 1993;
  5. S. Virsaladze – an Album, an introduction text, Tbilisi, 1999;
  6. W. Shakespeare in the Works of S. Virsaladze, an international conference Georgian Shekspiriana, materials, Tbilisi, 2003;
  7. Theatre Painting, the Shota Rustaveli Theatre Collection, Tbilisi, 2008 (co-author).