George Chubinashvili

(1885, St. Petersburg – 1973, Tbilisi) 

Founder of the Georgian school of art history. In 1906-1916 studied psychology and history of arts in the universities of Leipzig, Halle, and Petrograd. In 1917-1922 he worked at the Caucasian Institute of History and Archaeology, in 1929-1934 – in the State Museum of Georgia; in 1934-1941 he headed the Department of Architecture at the Metekhi Art Museum, and in 1941-1973 – Institute of History of Georgian Art. In 1918-1948 G. Chubinashvili was a Full Professor of Tbilisi State University; in 1922-1940 – Full Professor of Tbilisi State Academy of  Arts (1922-1928 – Rector of the Academy); he was Doctor of Philosophy and Professor of Halle University, Member of the Academy of Sciences of Georgia, Corresponding Member of the Academy of Architecture of the USSR, Doctor Emeritus of the Leipzig University, Honoured Scientist of Georgia. 

One of the major subjects of G. Chubinashvili’s research was history of the medieval Georgian architecture. He identified general stages and characteristics of its development, monographically studied the most significant monuments of the ecclesiastical architecture in Georgia (Bolnisi Sioni basilica, church of the Holy Cross in Mtskheta and its satellite churches; Tsromi, Samtsevrisi, Kumurdo churches, the ‘Three Cathedrals, etc.); He dedicated fundamental monograph to the ecclesiastical and secular architecture in Kakheti region; he is the author of works on architecture of 1930-1950s. G. Chubinashvili published a voluminous monograph on the medieval Georgian metalwork, identifying major stages of development and peculiarities of plastic arts in Georgia. 

Problems of the medieval mural painting are discussed in his culturological-art historical monograph on the Gareji cut-rock monasteries; G. Chubinashvili wrote about the samples of minor arts created in Georgia (golden objects excavated in Armaziskhevi, ivory Triptych from Racha) and imported from other regions (Syrian chalice found in Ushguli); has published number of articles about his contemporary artists and scientists. He also studied architecture of the neighbouring countries (Armenia, Ingushetia, and Azerbaijan), he is the author of a scholarly article on Albrecht Durer s “12-year-old Christ”,  and several scientific-popular articles about European artists (L. Kranach, E. Barlach, F. Maserel, K. Kolvitz).