Iosebidze Jilda

(1938, Tbilisi – 1985, Tbilisi) 

Art Historian, Ph.D., researcher of medieval Georgian mural and icon painting, heritage preservation and conservation expert, greatly concerned with the development of the field. 

Having graduated from the Tbilisi State University she started to work at the G. Chubinashvili Institute of History of Georgian Art under the supervision of T. Virsaladze (1943-1985). 

Medieval Georgian mural painting was the major research field of the scholar. J. Iosebidze made a  considerable contribution to the study of the Georgian Christian art and mural painting in particular. Her works are notable for the deep comprehension of theological content, which is read in the artistic form of the work of art. 

Jilda Iosebidze had also contributed to development of the heritage preservation and museum activities. In 1978-1985 she collaborated with the Main Board for the Protection of Monuments and State Museum of Fine Arts. 

Jilda Iosebidze actively participated in education of Georgian conservation painters. Together with E. Privalova she initiated training of the young Georgian restorers and art historians by the well-known Russian conservation painter Adolf Ovchinnikov, introduced the tradition of making copy-reconstructions based on the scholarly research, intensive use of the results of mural and icon-painting technical investigation in art historical studies, collaboration with chemists, biologists and the experts of different fields.  


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