Kenia Rusudan

Born: 1924, Tbilisi

Art Historian, Restorer of metalwork, Senior Researcher of the Centre, Ph.D 

Research field: History of metalwork, restoration-conservation, art history 

Activity: Lecturer of the Tbilisi Academy of  Arts and Tbilisi Theological Academy; Member of the All Georgia Catholicos-Patriarch International Charity Foundation for the Revival and Development of Spirituality, Culture and Science. 

Restoration projects: Paten of David the Builder (Moscow, Historic Museum, 1953); Jakhunderi icon of the Saviour (Kutaisi Museum); Chukuli triptych (Kutaisi Museum); bookcovers of the Hadishi, Labskaldi, Yenashi Gospels (Mestia Museum, 1970); Alaverdi Gospel bookcover (Tbilisi, Institute of Manuscripts, 1972). 

Selected works: 1. Revetment of Khakhuli Triptych of the Virgin, Tb., 1972 (in Georgian); 2. 8th-19th Century Georgian Metalwork, in: History of Art of the Nations of USSR, M., 1972-1979 (in Russian); 3. Pre-chancel Crosses of Upper Svaneti, Medieval Art. Russia. Georgia, M., 1978 (in Russian); 4. Creative Activity of Tbilisian Goldsmiths (George Khandamashvili, brothers Ambrosi and Toma Jikia), Ars Georgica, ?B, Tb., 1987 (in Georgian); 5. Upper Svaneti (Medieval Art), Guidebook, series: Georgian Guide, II, Tb., 2000 (co-auther N. Aladashvili) (in Georgian); 6. Treibarbeitkunst Swaneti: Ikonographische Tematik und kunstlerische Gestaltung, Lampedon, Recuil in memory of Dula Mouriki, v. I, Ath., 2003.

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