Shervashidze Leonid

(1910, Paris – 2003, Tbilisi) 

Prof. Dr., Professor of ethics and aesthetics, member of the Academy of Sciences of Abkhazeti, Honoured Artist of Abkhazeti (1961) and Georgia (1983). 

His research field covered Antique and medieval fine arts – book illumination and mural painting. In 1945 he had graduated from the Tbilisi Rail Transport Institute. In 1948-1951 he took his post graduate studies at the Institute of History of Georgian Art, where he continued to work from 1951. He was also staff member of the Institute of Linguistics, Literature and History of Abkhazeti and headed the Department of Archaeology, Ethnography, Anthropology and Art. He was a member of the Artists Union of Georgia since 1963 and participated in various exhibitions from 1932.  

L. Shervashidze’s works are kept in the Janashia State Museum of Georgia (Georgian National Museum) and D. Gunia Museum of Sokhumi. For decades he studied remains of old cities – Dioscuria and Sebastopolis. In his youth, his activity was linked with the underwater archaeology; he took active part in the underwater works. 

L. Shervashidze as a scholar could never stay within strict limits. Apart from the medieval art, he also studied contemporary painting, graphic art, sculpture – both Georgian and Abkhazian. He was a painter himself, author of the graphic works and illustrator of books. For decades L. Shervashidze spared no efforts to reconstruct coats of arms of the Georgian and Abkhazian nobility. He had also compiled genealogy of the Sharvashidze family.