Vakhtang Beridze

(1914, Kutaisi – 2000, Tbilisi) In 1936 graduated from Transcaucasian Institute of Industry, Department of Architecture. In 1936-98 was lecturing at various institutes, Tbilisi. Since 1941 – staff member of the G. Chubinashvili Institute of History of Georgian Art. Director of the same institute in 1973-1988 and 1996-2000, and Honorary Director – in 1988-1996. Prof. Dr., Member of the Academy of Sciences of Georgia, Honoured Scientist of Georgia, Georgia State Prize Laureate.   V. Beridze’s research works was mainly focused on the history of Georgian architecture. Of crucial significance are his fundamental monographs on the 12th-14th cc. churches in Samtskhe, 16th-17th cc. ecclesiastical architecture, architecture of Tbilisi in 1801-1917, Georgian architecture of 1920-1930s, which had defined general direction of the scientific research of the named historical periods.  V. Beridze is the author of the monographs on individual monuments (church of St. George in Savane, Katskhi church, “Magalaant church”, etc.), regional schools (Tao-Klarjeti) and architects (Sv. Kldiashvili). Widely recognised are his generalising works on the Georgian architecture in Georgian, Russian and German (the latter in collaboration with Edith Neubauer) and his encyclopedic ‘Ancient Georgian Masters’. V. Beridze also published monograph on the 15th-19th cc. epitaphii, number of articles on the prominent Georgian artists (D. Kakabadze, L. Gudiashvili, N. Pirosmanashvili); in collaboration with N. Ezerskaya he is the author of a book on the 19th-20th cc. Georgian fine art; he dedicated a number of articles to the historiography of Georgian art.