Gabashvili Mariam

Art Historian, Ph.D in Art Studies, Senior Researcher of the Centre.

Research field: History of the Pre-Christian art; Early Medieval Stone Sculpture.

Activity: Lectures Arts and Culture of the Middle East I (since prehistory to Islamic period) at the University of Georgia, Department of Eastern Studies, School of Arts and Humanities;

Member of ICOM

Address: 17, Khakhanashvili str. Tbilisi, Mob: 599  512962


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  2. Artistic Reminiscences of Ancient Zoomorphic Motif on the Medieval Stone Reliefs in Georgia. Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference: “Culture and Art in Contemporary Context”, Batumi Art State Teaching University, Batumi, 2019 (in Georgian with English resume);
  3. From Prehistory to Christianity (Following the Footsteps of Archaeological Cultures of Georgia Through the Perspective of Art History), 2018 (book in English);
  4. Retrospective of Zoomorphic Representations from Prehistoric Rock Engravings in Trialeti. Proceedings of the 2nd International Scientific Conference “Culture and Art: Research and Management”, Batumi Art State Teaching University, Batumi, 2017(in Georgian with English resume);
  5. Georgian Art, Volume Seven of the book series: Chveni Ghirsebani (“Our Values”), Tbilisi, 2015 (in Georgian. author of the chapters: Pre-Christian Art in Georgia; Medieval Georgian Architecture and Stone Relief; Georgian Embroidery);
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