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Monuments Inventory and Information Group 

In 1971 a Monument Inventory and Information Department was set up in the Institute of Georgian Art History. It was directed by Vakhtang Dolidze till 1987. Since 1987 it has been directed by Tamaz Dvali. In 1990 the V volume of Monument Description was published, in 2004 – the II volume, in 2013 – the volume 1-I, and in 2015 – the volume 1-II. In 1991 on the basis of the department a group for Georgian architecture microfiches was created, which together with Gundolf Bruchous from Aachen Technical High School in Holland prepared for publishing (in English) 8 volumes of microfiches – “Georgian Architecture”. The publisher was the International Documentation Company (IDC) of Netherland kingdom.

The material in the volumes is distributed according to the historic parts of the country in following order:
Volume I, 1994 – Inner Kartli (central part);
Volume II, 1995 – Highlands of Shida Kartli, Khevsureti, Khevi, Mtiuleti, Pshavi, Ertso Tianeti;
Volume III, 1997 – Kakheti;
Volume IV, 1999 – Tusheti, Kvemo Kartli;
Volume V, 2001 – Katrli/Trialeti, Samtskhe, Javakheti, Tori, Tbilisi;
Volume VI, 2004 – Racha, Lechkhumi, Imereti;
Volume VII, 2007 – Svaneti, Samegrelo, Guria, Apkhazeti, Achara;
Volume VIII, 2010 – Tao-Klarjeti.

In 1995 the first volume of the collection was awarded the State Prize in the sphere of science and engineering.

The collection contains up to 2000 monuments of Georgian architecture and wall painting with 46 250 pages of textual and illustrative material (textual material: about 3000 pages and more than 43 000 pages of photo and graphic illustrations).

These eight volumes are aimed for scientific institutions, high schools and libraries of different countries all over the world, where those who are interested in cultural history of Georgia will be able to get full information about medieval Georgian architecture and wall painting.

Whole material is stored in the Giorgi Chubinashvili National Research Centre for Georgian Art History and Heritage Preservation.